Preacher of The Gospel of The Lord Jesus Christ

Around the world, Daniel Gelyana is best known as a man with a mission and deep passion to see people from all walks of life radically transformed through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Since 2009 Daniel has travelled to many nations around the world proclaiming the love and healing power of Jesus to tens of thousands of people in stadiums, churches and conferences. Healing, prophecy and miracles are just a few of God’s manifestations through Daniel’s life but the most important aspect of his existence is the tangible presence of the Lord. From the early years of his life the greatest desire in Daniel’s heart has been to reveal and display the presence of the Lord to anyone who comes into contact with him. The presence of Christ is the hallmark of Daniel’s personal life, ministry and family.

Personal Life

Daniel was born in Chicago Illinois on May 17th 1985 but he was raised and still currently resides in sunny California. Being a father to his two amazing children Abigail and Nathanael is one of the greatest joys in Daniel’s life. When he is not on daddy duty, Daniel enjoys running on the beach, reading, and playing basketball.

Life Coach

Staring in 2016 God began to open new doors for Daniel to impact the lives of people in the professional sports and enterataimlnet industries. NBA players, Hollywood actors and influences of all kinds have benefitted from Daniel’s coaching and prophetic counseling.


Daniel has recently released his first book entitled Beautiful Jesus with more titles in the works. In Beautiful Jesus, Daniel Gelyana gives readers unique and dynamic insights into what it truly means to worship and adore Jesus. As you read this anointed work, your heart will be filled with a new level of adoration for Beautiful Jesus. In a practical and in-depth style, Daniel takes you through the Scripture to reveal the features of Jesus like you’ve never experienced them before.

Father To The Fatherless

In addition to being a father to his own beautiful children Daniel is committed to becoming a father to a whole generation of orphaned children. By the end of his life one of Daniel’s top priorities is to build fully functioning, state of the art orphanages on every continent. Not only does he want to build the orphanage facilities, Daniel’s desire is to be a father figure to thousands of fatherless children, spending time healing and mentoring the most vulnerable of our societies.