3 Simple Steps To Forgive and Bless 

Those Who Hurt You The Most

Most of us are easily prepared to deal with domestic accidents like a scrape of a cat on a child’s hand or an accidental knife to the finger while chopping potatoes. We quickly and without much fuss reach for the ointment or the plaster and we carry on with life. But why is it that an untreated wound in the soul is so easily ignored or neglected? Yet it always leaves a lifetime of remerging pain.

No one would leave their front door unchecked before going to bed yet a festering soul wound creates an open door to great destruction robbing us of lasting joy and peace. 

Where there is drama there is always deep-seated trauma. Some people never recover from these painful battles of failed relationships and abusive arguments. The deeper the wounds inflicted the greater the pain we feel within. Since these emotions can easily be ignored or suppressed, we learn to inadequately release negative emotions that erupt at the most unexpected and embarrassing times. Therefore, the shame of painful memories must be released through genuine forgiveness practices or we can end up destroying our own state of well-being in the short and long term. 

Living with the pain of unforgiveness leaves us no choice. We must strive to a greater consciousness of love, forgiveness and wisdom. This applies to all people, especially those who have hurt us the most. 

The ancient art of forgiveness is the prerequisite to having total inner peace chiefly when applied to our worst offenders.

Why should we forgive the people who have hurt us the most? 

Forgiveness is a not necessarily about the person who has wronged us as much as it is about our own inner well being. The greatest acts of love and blessings are experienced when we wish well to our accusers, offenders and enemies. Jesus said it this way “Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you, bless those who curse you, and pray for those who spitefully use you.” When we carry a grudge or refuse to forgive someone’s negative words or actions toward us, we are giving bitterness a resting place in our soul. Housing bitterness within can cause you to suffer in your thinking patterns, bring emotional instability and destroy many relationships as you suppress the pain. You can not afford to house bitterness in your heart for another moment.

It is of upmost importance that we carefully apply the following three steps with clarity, purpose, and authenticity even though it is sure to be a difficult process. Applying them will aim to bless and heal both you and your offenders:

1: Acknowledge The Specific Cause Of Offense 

Every offense we suffer is structured by a what, when, where and how. Before we can move into the process of healing through the royal act of forgiveness we have to identify and be sure of the exact cause of offense.

2: Audibly Forgive The Person Who Hurt You By Name 

Once we know the cause of our internal conflict, we must identify the specific person or people who were responsible for the pain we feel. Its hard to forgive others especially when we feel justified or entitled to an apology but remember that if you hold on to the offense it will cause tremendous amounts of damage to your soul. We really have no other choice than to always and without distinction choose to forgive all people of all offense at all times. 

Confidently and audibly speak out the persons name who hurt you identifying the culprit and cause. Say out loud that you recognize the offense and effect of this so-and-so’s actions or words and you choose to fully forgive them.

Depending on the severity of the offense and of the pain you feel this process may require repetition as needed. Inner healing like outer healing takes time. Just like a physical injury would sometimes require months of rehab our inner healing will require us to continually speak out forgiveness to our offenders.  Keep up this process until you completely feel released.

3: Audibly Bless The Person Who Hurt You By Name 

True forgiveness goes beyond our recognition of events and verbal forgiveness of others by speaking blessings to our worst offenders. Blessing our offenders is the final step to total freedom from this internal bondage and it carries the power to unhinge the arrows of offense and experience true healing. When we choose to activate the royal law of love we open ourselves up to inner well being, prosperity and peace. Audibly speak blessings to that person or people who you just forgave by name. Speak blessings over them, say “I pray that so and so will be wealthy, healthy and blessed. May this person walk in divine favor and abundance every day.” Pray the blessings that you want over your offenders and enemies. Doing this will ensure that you experience total liberty, victory and clarity to live an abundant and satisfying life.

Choosing not to forgive people of their offenses no matter how small of great will put a stop to the favor which God wants to bestow upon you. You were created to live a rich and meaningful life and to walk in constant and unending forgiveness is the key which unlocks the door to that life. Acknowledge, forgive and bless all people at all times to make the most of your life.